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Saskatchewan Deer Hunt Testimonials

I just received my 189” buck I killed at the Crossing stand in 2016 and it looks awesome on my wall beside several other bucks taken hunting with you. As a deer hunter for over 45 years now, I never imagined I would be fortunate enough to see much less take such a mature trophy buck. I sure do appreciate all of the hard work you and your men perform to provide such a quality experience for so many of us that enjoy your hunts every year.

I will never forget the very first morning I hunted in Saskatchewan with you. I had stared at all of the trail cam pictures on the wall the night before and was in awe at the size of the antlers. I was trying to understand what a 5-1/2 year old buck looked like as I had hunted in Saskatchewan with several other outfitters for years and they didn’t hunt bucks this old and of this size. That morning the temperature was around zero or a little below. There was about 6” of snow on the ground and I was lucky enough to ride to my stand in a new UTV. I settled into my stand and it was only a few minutes until I could see deer. As more light allowed, I was straining with my binoculars to confirm what I was looking at as I couldn’t believe it. A double drop tine buck that I had seen on the wall was at the bait eating. I couldn’t find brow tines and I thought to myself, I can’t shoot this buck after hunting only 5 minutes!!! I let him go and I’m glad I did. I watched deer in full rut all morning and at 11:00 am I shot a 162” 5-1/2 year old! What a hunt!!!!

Studying the double drop tine back at the lodge, I realized he had broken off his brow tines fighting. The bucks and doe in Saskatchewan fight like I’ve never witnessed before I attribute that to the excellent buck to doe ratio. I will also never forget your response when I told you I had shot a good buck. You asked me if I had shot the big 12 point!!!! I had just killed the best buck I had ever seen at that stage of my hunting career and you had let me know there was a much bigger one at that stand!!!!! Great hunt and unforgettable memories. I tell anyone that wants to talk about deer hunting or asks me about my hunts with Otter Creek, it’s second to none. I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt all across the U.S. and Canada and Alaska and have never hunted with a better outfitter and with harder working guides than at Otter Creek. The equipment, the lodge, the hospitality and especially the chef and all of his unbelievable meals are first class. With a territory larger than can be covered in a lifetime, almost a hundred treestand locations all strategically placed in regards to the wind and deer movement, the philosophy of deer management the way it should everywhere by allowing deer to reach their potential by not shooting deer less than 5-1/2 years old, make Otter Creek the very best whitetail deer hunting for trophy bucks in North America.

I look forward to another November and the experience of sitting in a treestand in my heater body suit watching more deer activity in one week than I will experience in a season in the states. I also get to enjoy the lodge and all of the tales spun by the old men like me I share deer camp with!

Thanks Ron and Geraldine for helping me make memories!

Thanks again Geraldine for picking the stand location for my 189” buck!

— Chuck King

A great friendship started about eighteen years ago when we booked a hunt with Otter Creek Outfitters. We have hunted deer and/or bear with them most every year since then. Ron, Geraldine, and the staff of Otter Creek are the best we have ever had the pleasure and fortune to hunt with. They have spoiled us and our children (who have also hunted) with their generosity as well as professionalism. Their attention to detail and the extra little things they all do add to an already fantastic hunting experience. The equipment provided is always in good working order so that half of our hunt is not spent trying to get quads and side by sides running. We enjoy the warm and cozy lodge that has a very roomy sitting area and private bedrooms along with gathering in the dining area to enjoy cook Ron’s awesome culinary expertise. We have harvested numerous gross 160 – 170 class bucks and the effort Ron and his guides put into finding big deer to hunt is without ceasing. We feel this gives us the potential to take the deer of our lifetime every time we hunt. Our opinion is Otter Creek is unique in its ability to be warm, friendly, and personable, but at the same time be totally professional and do everything to run a top notch, organized hunt. For us it is a great hunting experience for top end trophy animals and at the same time a vacation getaway for the two of us. Whether we have hunted as a couple or as a family, Otter Creek has been the best!! They are truly our friends! And besides that – it’s just a good ol’ fun time!

— Joe and Pat Conard (Clyde, NC)

My journey to find the right Canadian outfitter for Whitetail hunting started in 2007. After trying 3 camps I found OTTER CREEK and I’m glad I did. I am done searching. If you want a first class hunt, in a top of the line camp, with a staff that has one goal in mind-to help you get a trophy deer – then come to OTTER CREEK and start making memories that last a lifetime. From my experience you’ll be hard pressed to find a more professional guide and class act operation than Ron and his team. OTTER CREEK is my “home” for the rest of my Canadian Whitetail hunts. Thanks to Ron Lavoie and his team – Like we say at the poker table, “I’m all in” with OTTER CREEK.

- Ken B (Wisconsin)

Ron, Will & I wanted to thank you and all the crew there for an absolutely wonderful time hunting your trophy whitetail deer at Otter Creek. I have been hunting Saskatchewan for 24 years and the years at Otter Creek have been the best hunting experience in both my sons life and mine. This was our 10th year with you and cannot wait for the 11th in 2018. The hunting experience for a trophy hunter could not be better with all of the 160+ bucks you have at Otter Creek. The number of quality stands all loaded with trail cameras, the top notch ATV’s, the Argo and the commitment to scout from sunrise to sunset hoping to locate that trophy buck for your hunters is beyond anything I have experienced in an outfitter hunt. But more importantly the total experience was even better. From the outstanding meals from Ron the Chef to the great condition the lodge was maintained inside, despite all of our efforts to mess it up, were really appreciated. The effort that your guides gave us every day to provide us every opportunity to be successful was all out! The best way to describe the week is to say it really was like hunting with friends. Everyone including the hunters made us feel so welcome and part of something while we were there. Says a lot about you how it all stays together, and the environment you create. We all came to Otter Creek as hunters and we left as friends. We look forward to November 2018 to once again be part of this wonderful experience. We sincerely can’t thank you enough!! All the best to you Ron, additionally Ron the best Chef in Canada, Greg, Cal, & Michael the most trusted friends/guides a hunter could have and Geraldine, Ron’s wife who sends many of the sweet things that helps burn the calories in the cold weather.

- John Gasiorowski (North Carolina)

Otter Creek is truly a big buck hunter’s paradise. I have hunted with Otter Creek on and off for the past 15 years and have seen the dedication they put into hunting. I have been fortunate enough to hunt all over Saskatchewan and Alberta and have not seen anything close when it comes to what they have to offer. The area to the south is prime forest fringe along farm fields and stretches north deep into the boreal forest. Ron’s stand placements are perfect weather it’s alongside a cut, high atop a ridgeline or the back of a meadow. He works tirelessly to find these spots that are hard to get to but worth the effort. All one has to do is take a look around the stands and you will see rubs (sign posts) that only the big boys hit and scrapes the size of VW’s. His pictures tell the story of what’s in the area and often times you will catch a traveler never seen on camera. My brother did just that, pulling the trigger on a heavy horned buck a few years back. These guys do a great job by keeping your head in the game when need be. They know the deer and know the area and sharing local knowledge with you always. The equipment is top notch wheelers, side-by- sides, argos, trucks and trailers all in good shape. Ron spares no expense and will buy new equipment before ever causing him or his hunters a breakdown. Camp has expanded over the years. Everyone has their own room so no worries about the snoring. The meals are five star to say the least. You will never walk away hungry nor will your lunch bag be lacking. You will not find a more dedicated staff that works harder than this crew period!! They are serious about shooting mature bucks and the program they run produces these giants year after year. Otter Creek is a place for serious white tail hunters who are willing to be patient and let the 140 and 150 bucks go to shoot that buck of a lifetime. I was one of those guys who let many walk and finally had my turn at a giant. Words can’t describe the excitement when holding your trophy, telling the story and taking some amazing pictures. Can hardly wait to get back in the stand, thank you Ron and Crew for the great memories and hope to make many more in years to come.

- Mike Korpi

I have been hunting Whitetail in Saskatchewan since 1994. In 2001 I found Otter Creek. I have been there ever since. Ron & his crew work hard for you and have the newest and the best equipment of all camps. No “piggy back” on 4 wheelers. You have your own. There is no favourtism. What Ron tells you is 100%. No “sugar coating”. Food and lodging is the best in Saskatchewan.

- Brian Mickalis

My son and I have hunted with Ron for years and have had very good success. Ron and his guides are second to none. Hunting and accommodations are excellent and also has an excellent chef. If you’re looking for the buck of a lifetime and are patient, Ron puts 100% to get you a trophy white tail and a full 8 day hunt. (We have taken several trophy Boone and Crocket Bucks, scores are as follows 185 174 160 185).

- Dave Schaeffer

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