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Otter Creek Deer Hunts

Our deer hunts are tailored strictly towards hunting the mature, high scoring bucks. The hunts are a full 6 days and with the extensive use of trail cameras we put you in the right place so you have the best chance at that “Buck of a lifetime”, EVERY time you hunt with us.

Our average score on bucks taken in the last 3 years is OVER 160 B&C with the largest in the last three years being a 197 inch typical. To date we have taken 4 bucks over the 200 inch mark.

We have a very high number of repeat clients. However, if you are interested in hunting a place where YOU know that you will be hunting 160 class or better bucks, just get in touch with me and I will send you more information and get you on our waiting list.

Saskatchewan whitetail deer on trail cam

Trail Cams for Better Hunts

Something we do at Otter Creek that very few hunting camps do is that we share the trail camera pictures with our clients/friends. After all it is our job to get you an opportunity at the best buck that we know of. It is much easier to pass up a 150 class buck when you KNOW there’s a bigger buck at your stand site every night.

saskatchewan whitetail deer on trail cam

Muzzleloader Week

We have added a Muzzleloader whitetail deer hunt in the last week of October, the dates are Oct.23-30. We have done very well on this hunt in the past (our best muzzleloader buck so far is a 191 inch typical 6x6). We have not hunted this week since we had the bad winters in 2012 & 2013. Our deer numbers and age classes are back to normal we will be hunting this week going forward. You would be the first hunters on the lease for the year and with the cameras out on the 1st of October we know where you need to be to get a crack at the buck of a lifetime. Our bucks are really getting revved up at this time of the year with scrape lines already established, (they are coming to the feed sites as well, because that's where all the girls are). It is a great time to be in the woods. We have 6 muzzleloaders in camp, with good Leupold scopes on them, available for your use.

To reserve this hunt date, Contact Us.

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Whitetail Hunting Package Includes:

  • 6 full days of hunting with a travel day on each end of the trip.
  • Return Transportation from Saskatoon to Lodge
  • All Meals
  • Accommodations


  • Hunts are $9000 USD including taxes and deer hunting license.

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2023 Whitetail Trail Cam Album #3

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