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Your Canadian Whitetail Hunting Guides and Staff

Ron and Geraldine Lavoie

We started the “Otter Creek Outfitters” journey before we were married. That was over 30 years ago now and what an incredible adventure, filled with many great friends and so many wonderful memories. The main reason I got into the guiding life is simply because I love to hunt and spend time in the woods. I also really enjoy making other peoples dream hunts come true. There is no feeling like sharing those “special” moments with a friend. If you are a hunter, you will know exactly what I am talking about. The good Lord willing, we look forward to many more years of the guide life and more of those cherished “memories”.


We both grew up on farms and we have a great love of the outdoors. It was a natural progression for us to establish ‘Otter Creek Outfitters’ which we did in 1987. Our mission as owners is to provide the highest professional quality of service in the Outfitting field. Our goal is that hunting clients return as friends. Your Hosts: Ron and Geraldine Lavoie.
Ron and Geraldine Lavoie
We could never hope to have the quality of hunts that we do without our dedicated and reliable crew.
- Ron Lavoie, Owner, Otter Creek Outfitters

Cal Robinson

Cal says, "The two most important things in life are, family and then going up to camp for the season”.

Cal has been deer hunting since he was old enough to carry a gun, which is quite a while now. Cal is like the “GLUE” that holds the camp together, he can fix about anything, no matter who tears it up or breaks it and he will always smile while fixing it up.

cal robinson sk whitetail guide

Ronnie Sawatsky

(AKA: The “Chef”)

Ronnie has been in the guiding industry (guiding and cooking) for 26 years and is looking forward to many more. As Ronnie says around meal time in the lodge, “The food must be good, it sure is quiet in here”.

Camp Chef - Ron Sawatsky

Michael Robinson

Mike, has several amazing years of guiding with us. Mike lives for the outdoors and he will always be there when you need him. He is a wonderful addition to our team.

Mike Robinson - Whitetail Guide
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